The new name for safeguarding


Thirtyone:eight came to us with the challenge to help them develop their brand to appeal to a wider audience. Their current branding was restrictive and dated, and their name no longer represented the direction they wanted to take the organisation in. They wanted something that referenced their Christian roots but provided them with the flexibility to move into other areas.

We ran a series of brand workshops with all staff, we reviewed and developed the original CCPAS name and brand. After much consideration we came to the conclusion that the name was incredibly restrictive and relied on previous knowledge of the organisation to understand what the organisation did. Also, with the changing field of safeguarding, the term safeguarding itself could become restrictive.

Our research established a new vision for the organisation, linked to Proverbs 31:8 ‘Speak out on behalf of the voiceless, and for the rights of all who are vulnerable.’ It was felt that this statement perfectly represented the way that they help other organisations to protect and speak out on behalf of vulnerable people. The new company name was staring us in the face.

As a result of the research and development we created a positioning statement ‘Creating safer places. Together’ to support Proverbs 31:8. The description perfectly describes how Thrityone:eight work, by Creating safer places. But they do it by working ‘together’ with others.

To accompany the new name and statement we created a brand marque based around an interlocking home shaped device, the device is intended to represent safety and the layers around it represent the layers of services that Thirtone:eight provide. Each layer ensuring another layer of protection.

EPLS have delivered above and beyond our expectations. We always know we’ll get a quality product and a professional service, with a huge helping of humour and common-sense advice thrown in. They are transparent on costings, and time scales and have never let us down.

Justin, Executive Director