Our origin story

When we started epls, all those years ago, in a office at the bottom of a garden, we scribbled down our modus operandi, our big plan, we wrote it in a thick felt tip pen and pinned it to the back wall. ‘Nothing is too much trouble and every client is our best client’. Many of the people we worked with in those early days, are still clients. That idea, scribbled on a scrap of paper, made us who we are, it still underpins everything we do and remains at the very heart of our agency.

Over the years we’ve honed our craft

We look for the why.

Why should your prospective audience care. Why should they listen. Together, we will find out and develop a creative solution that drives your organisation forward.

We design for the what.

Our process begins with the objective and how we quantify success. We aim for more than just good looks, we begin at the end… what does your project need to deliver.


We keep you close

We’re not a fan of the middleman, or woman, so we don’t have account handlers. We give you direct access to the designers working on your project, because we know it builds trust and delivers results you and we will be proud of.

Are these the people you are looking for?

Are you a start-up looking for a kickstart, or an established organisation looking for a revamp? Digital or print, a one-off logo or complete brand, a website or innovative digital campaign? We have an eclectic mix of in-house expertise; strategy, marketing, design, brand, modelling, digital, copywriting and content creation. They’re a great team, fun to work and can provide an end-to-end solution or just the bits you need

Mike Bailey

Founder and Creative Director

Sam Bailey

Director and Business Manager

Gregg Meehan

Director and Production Manager

Matt Weet

Head of Digital

Steve Grimmer

Developer and E-commerce

Chris Dummer


Sarah Farrell

Design and Head of Artwork

Dave Neal

Design, Illustration and Animation

Lee Hallam

Design and 3D

Phil Russell


Jackie Larsen

Project Manager

Lucy May

Office PA

Coral Brooks

Office Administrator