you’ve gotta start somewhere

epls began in a little office at the end of a garden in 1997. We were a husband and wife team, working together with a select number of clients. As we grew we stayed true to the mission statement written at the kitchen table”  ‘Nothing’s too much trouble, work hard, be honest and fair’. That philosophy helped us grow and we still have those clients we started with all that time ago. That says something.


We’ve grown and have a team we’re very proud of. They’re marketing and branding strategists, designers, developers, illustrators and animators,. They’re smart, easy to talk to and generally fun to work with. Our studio got bigger too, it’s a welcoming and fun space (we have a pool table) in the lovely city of Winchester.

A proven methodology 

Explore & discover

We dive deep into the problem and get under the skin of it – and we do it by asking the right questions. Understanding what stands between you and your goal is half the battle. Only then can we create bespoke and effective solutions that will drive sustainable results in the world your organisation lives in.

Create & Inspire

We’ll sketch, scribble, create and share our big ideas. Exploring opportunities, reviewing and refining concepts for multiple touch-points until we can deliver the right tools to engage your audience and inspire action.

build and deliver

When we’ve nailed that big idea, we’ll craft and create your tools, in whatever form they may take – through the full spectrum of printed and digital channels. Once that’s done, we’ll still be here to refine and develop and offer support when you need us.