Tatton Investment Management

Brand development, website, digital advertising, campaigns, print design

Historically only available to the very well off, Tatton wanted to make discretionary services accessible for everyday investors. Back in 2013 as a brand-new company, they had no assets under management, no performance track record and no reputation to build on. What they did have was years of experience in managing Financial Advisers’ businesses and private client wealth management. Tatton approached us to develop their existing identity and create a simple but structured brand that could be used in a cohesive way across print, web and social media. Tatton is a disrupter brand and is willing to shake things up in what can be a very traditional sector, this allowed us to have a little more leeway and create a series of successful campaigns across social media.

Tatton’s new website is user-friendly, easy to navigate, with clear and concise menus and well-organised content. The new design provided informative and engaging content that is relevant to the target audience, using language and tone that is easily understandable and engaging and has clear call-to-actions to encourage visitors to find out more.