digital design and social media

How do you get your story out in a crowded digital world? We can help you identify your audience and tailor your message so its authentic, genuine and hits the spot. We use a multi-channel approach to ensure your organisation stays visible and converts all that engagement into action.


Your customers will interact with multiple platforms before landing on your site. Google to Facebook to eBay to Twitter to Amazon could be a typical multi-channel hop that your customer takes. Multi-channel marketing has the goal of reaching customers on the channel of their choice so they are control.

epls develop multi-channel campaign strategies that target your chosen audience to convert them into sales, donations, subscribers or enlightened readers of your new website content.

Contact epls today to find out how your advertising can reach your target audience across the web’s numerous platforms and deliver proven results.

What you get with epls digital services?

A website your audience wants to use.

Managed, engaging content that keeps your audience coming back for more. Easy to use navigation where information is accessed by the least amount of clicks.

A site that is built for growth and speed

We only use the best servers that are flexible with your traffic needs. Our servers adapt to increased traffic in an instant so you won’t be a victim of your own advertising success if you receive a peak of interest from advertising traffic click throughs to your website. Hosting your website with us is a fantastic way to manage your online growth.

To find out more on how epls can host and maintain your website and online assets call us on 01962 795 019 today.

A dedicated team of experts

We employ a team of expertise that can solve, plan and deliver the most challenging of web projects. Our range of skills include branding, user experience (UX), coding, backend development, copywriting, design and marketing.

Digital marketing strategy

You know you need one but starting it can be a daunting task. That’s where we come in. We asses your project and asses if your main hub, your website is primed for accepting additional traffic and effectively converting it into more sales, donations or whatever you need your site to achieve.

Email marketing

Still one of the most effective forms of digital marketing and brings in great results when combined with other digital ad types as part of your wider digital advertising strategy.

Targeted emails are a great way of connecting with your current customers, encouraging them to further engage with your products and services or maybe make another purchase or donation.

Speak with us and see how we can custom build your online advertising strategy to build measured success for your brand, products and services.

Content marketing (blogs, original video content)

Content marketing can stimulate interest in your products and services. A strategic approach to creating and distributing valuable, relevant and consistent content is key to attracting a specific audience with the intent of persuading customer interaction by answering all their questions.