Connecting you to your audience, is the key to any great brand. We can help you get it right, by really getting to know you, your market, your audience and your organisations vision for the future.

Humble beginnings

Branding as we know it, is a world away from its origins where cowboys burned symbols into cattle hides. Whilst that practice is long gone, using a psychical mark to portray ownership remains the same. But there’s so much more to it than just a fancy logo.

You never get a second chance to make a first impression.

Today’s brands exist in the hearts and minds of their audience. A brand is intangible and not something you fully control once it’s out in the wild – especially on social media (which can be pretty wild). So, it’s a good idea to spend time reviewing, developing and crafting your brand story so that the impression it leaves and the conversations it inspires are the ones you want people to have. We’ll help you take your brand to a wider audience and build sustainable connections those who interact with it.

A brand that honestly portrays you and your audience has never been so valuable an asset.

Today branding extends into many different areas and touchpoints (every time a user interacts with your brand) the logo or corporate identity is still a key part, but it’s what goes on behind the scenes that truly makes or breaks a brand. Key to this is understanding your audience, knowing your own company inside and out, what your competitors are offering, and why you do it differently. Bringing all of that together and coming up with a single BigIdea that sums everything up – no mean feat.

Discover + Plan + Create + Activate + Protect



The first stage of any branding project involves learning as much as we can about you. Your business, your industry, your audience and your competitors. Think of us as friendly but rather nosy detectives. We’re here to listen and ask the right questions. We’ll get fully under the skin of your brand and discover what makes you tick, what your audience, key stakeholders and staff think of the brand. Once complete, we’ll gather together our findings, distill the information and share our findings. This is always an enlightening process that will get you excited for what’s to come.

For start-ups and new businesses we’ll go through many of the stages above forgoing any relating to existing visual identity.



This is where things really get interesting. We’ll take everything we’ve learnt in the Discovery stage and distil and dissect the information helping you uncover and articulate your brands ‘Big Idea’. We get to this by starting with strong foundations, uncovering your brand purpose, your brands ambition, defining your unique space in your sector through positioning, evaluating your personality, reviewing existing brand architecture and finding your brands voice.



Through the Discovery and Plan we’ve developed a thorough understanding of the organisation and its goals. Now we take these learnings and apply them to what you are going to look and sound like. What is the magic ingredient that get’s your brand recognised, what will be the visual and verbal style that the brand will be known for?

We’ll help you craft a compelling, rich brand story that resonates with your audience and staff online and offline. We’ll create a brand communication toolkit that will carry our brand strategy as it’s DNA. The BrandToolkit will ensure your brand carries across all of your touch-points. Everything branded – nothing left untouched. Everything working together, seamlessly.

We knew we needed people we could trust, and EPLS came highly recommended. After our first meeting, we felt they absolutely got us; what we were about and what we were trying to achieve. encouraged us to be bold, whilst ensuring we felt comfortable with the tough decisions we had to make.

Justin – Executive Director, Thirtyone:eight



First up is a brand Amnesty, we’ll help you make sure that the old brand (if there is one) has been relegated to the bin. We’ll build you a Brand Book, a beautifully crafted tactile page turner or virtual book, or both? We’ll help you plan how to roll-out the brand within the organisation including staff launch, merchandise for staff so that they can fully feel a part of the new brand. Then onto the launch itself, big and bold or small low-key roll-out we can help you with the style of brand launch that suits your brand.

With over 20 years experience we’re always excited to take a brand over the finish line.



Your new brand shouldn’t just be launched and left to fend for itself. We’ll always be here to support you and your colleagues as the brand evolves (which they always do).

We’ll work with an in-house Brand Guardian who will live and breathe the new brand 24/7. If you need a second pair of eyes or ears we can act as Brand Police (a role we particularly enjoy) this will ensure that the brand is always true to its roots – plus you can blame any changes on us. Completing the picture is a recommended annual review, to ensure that the brand is working and performing as expected. If it isn’t we’ll make the necessary changes to make sure it is. If it is, we’ll ensure through brand evolution that it stays that way.



Our pricing model flexes depending on your requirements and can be tailored to fit every budget. No one branding model will fit every organisation. We work with start-up’s, SME’s through to large organisations. Each time helping them to tell their own unique story. Are you ready to start telling yours?

If after reading this you’d like to know a little more. Or you’re ready to start your brand adventure with us please get in touch call 01962 795 019 or email and Chris or Mike and we’ll get the biscuits, sticky notes and coffee ready.