Great design is a competitive advantage

Great design plays a crucial role in the success of an organisation, it establishes a strong and consistent brand identity, effectively communicates to an audience, and gives organisations a competitive advantage.

Design elevates your brand

When you harness the creativity and strategic thinking that graphic design embodies, you can shape a visual identity that truly represents the heart and soul of your organisation.

A well-designed, consistent identity connects with your audience on a deeper level, and inspire them to engage and take action. Great design will help you grow, get noticed, tell a story, be understood, make a statement and build lasting relationships. Whether creating a stunning brand, building an immersive website, or launching a captivating marketing campaign, targeted design will be a key component in achieving your goals.

Great design creates visual representations that inform, inspire, and engage the target audience.

Brand Identity: Graphic design is a key component of brand identity, creating a visual representation of your organisation’s values, personality, and mission. Effective design helps your organisation stand out and establish a strong, recognisable and persuasive brand.

Communication: Targeted design is an effective way to communicate messages, products, and services to the right customers or audience. Designs informs, inspires, and engages your audience, increasing their likelihood of taking a desired action.

Competitive Advantage: Good design will give your organisation a competitive advantage, helping you to stand out in a crowded marketplace and capture the attention of potential customers.

Digital Presence: Good graphic design is crucial for a strong online presence. From website design to social media graphics, design establishes a professional, believable and credible digital image.

User Experience: Good graphic design improves the user experience and make an organisation’s products and services easier to understand and use.

Increased Sales: Effective graphic design increases brand awareness and drive sales. Attractive and well-designed products, packaging, and marketing materials influence consumer behaviour and encourage engagement.

We've been perfecting our process for over 25 years

We start with the end

What is the end goal – inform, sell, tease, challenge? starting here guides you to the right solution. Next ask who are you talking to and why should they care, even the humblest piece of marketing material must engage with the right audience to achieve the end goal.

We will work with you, offering advice and insight built on 25 years experience helping organisation achieve their ambitions, be they humble or mighty.

We design for you, not us

We’ve got egos, of course we do, we’re designers, but we never forget that we are working for you. We won’t let the latest trends sneak in if they’re not appropriate, we won’t forget the brief and we’ll ensure that the solutions we offer work in the real world of your organisation and your budget.

paper and ink or one’s and zero’s

If your project is paper and ink or ones and zeros we’ll bring the same level of expertise, creativity and innovation. We will take your brief from concept to a beautifully printed piece that stands out from your competition, a function packed website that delivers results or something in between.

An eye for detail and an eye on the clock

We understand the importance of a deadline, we live by them everday, we’ve work against the clock and through the night if it’s needed. But we never forget the details, the little things that need to be checked and double checked to ensure that what we deliver is creative and accurate as promised.


We knew we needed people we could trust, and EPLS came highly recommended. After our first meeting, we felt they absolutely got us; what we were about and what we were trying to achieve. encouraged us to be bold, whilst ensuring we felt comfortable with the tough decisions we had to make.

Justin – Executive Director, Thirtyone:eight